The humble sausage gets a smokin’ makeover

October 10 2022
The humble sausage gets a smokin’ makeover

The art of sausage making is steeped in tradition and history is being revisited with old techniques being remastered and a whole new audience discovering the delights of sausage, wurst or Saucisson creation.

In Australia, sausages have basked in a fast and furious grilling cook, swift in its preparation, even quicker in its delivery.

Now, sausages have been given a new lease and tasting experience – on the smoker!

Leading Australian pitmaster and founder of Red Gum BBQ, Martin Goffin and Samba, the experts in fire and barbecue, have collaborated to celebrate the smoking sausage and how a low and slow cook of this humble sausage can eclipse even the most mature of palettes.

Creating smoking magic

“Here at Red Gum BBQ, we specialise in traditional Southern American style sausages and make approximately 3 tonnes of our signature smoked brisket, cheese and jalapeno sausages a year. Handmade and smoked daily.”

“At home, smoking sausages creates a whole new eating experience that should be celebrated. Simply preheat your smoker using Samba Smoking Chunks or chips to 110 degrees Celsius and place a water pan on one side of the smoker. Then you can place the sausages on the grate, leaving sufficient space between the sausages. Then smoke until the internal temperature of your sausage reach 75 degrees Celsius.

“The result is a mouth-watering sausage delight, that has a hint of smoke as well as the unique flavours from the sausage.”

Create your own

Artisan butchers now have a smorgasbord of sausages on offer for you to trial and taste.

But if you really want to impress your guests, why not make your own homemade sausages?

Creating a bespoke sausage and celebrating your own flavour combination is a fun way to turn an ordinary sausage experience into an extraordinary culinary affair.

There are lots of recipes to follow - it is all about the meat, fat, salt and flavourings – including the liquid you need to bind it all together and make sure that you use natural casings.

And of course, a sausage filler – there are plenty out there to pick up which does not have to be an industrial grade.

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