Creating the ultimate dry rub for low and slow

August 25 2022
Creating the ultimate dry rub for low and slow

To create the ultimate low and slow taste bud sensation, it is important to not only decide which perfect protein will embark on its low and slow journey but also it needs to be matched with the ideal delicious dry rub.

Leading Australian pitmaster and founder of Red Gum BBQ, Martin Goffin and Samba, the experts in fire and barbecue, have joined forces to share their insights and expertise in how to create a sensational spice rub that will amplify your low and slow experience to heavenly taste-bud levels.

Keep it simple

To Martin, creating the perfect dry rub is a journey through the South paying homage to tradition and authenticity. “Keep rubs simple” he explains from his kitchen. “Texans love salt and pepper with maybe a little garlic and onion powder which they believe elevates beef to a new frontier of deliciousness”.

Pork loves a splash of sweet. The rich molasses flavour of brown sugar, paprika for colour and once again, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder is how to cook like a real pitmaster from the Carolinas.

If you are time-poor and need that real BBQ flavour fix. “At Red Gum BBQ, we have handcrafted four tasty rubs that will take you on a delicious journey inspired by Martin’s love of BBQ and his work and travel through the Southern United States. From Mama Carolyne’s Pork Rub, Aunty Kelly’s Chicken Rub, Granny G’s Lamb Rub and Grandpa Joe’s Beef Rub all recipes have been tried and tested at the chef-hatted restaurant in Red Hill, Victoria to much acclaim by customers and lovers of low and slow.

Spicing it up

For at-home low and slow connoisseurs, Samba Fire & BBQ recommends that with a dry rub, you make a large and generous batch and store it in an air-tight container or jar in the pantry or in the fridge.

Samba also believes “the key is to also have a mix of spices and dry herbs in the pantry to let your creative juices run wild. Whether it is paprika, cumin, chilli powder or more herbaceous flavours such oregano, thyme or coriander the advice is to keep it simple and enjoy experimenting.”

Martin says, “The beauty of a dry rub is that it is an easy way to flavour meat without the necessity of long marinades overnight. It is important to cover your choice cut evenly, do not cake it on but lightly dust your meat to let it be the star of the show. Then allow that dry rub to become tacky in the fridge as it slowly draws moisture from your meat and then it is time to BBQ and instant flavour hit.”

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