How to shine during BBQ season

October 3 2021
How to shine during BBQ season

When we talk about the ability to shine during barbecue season, it doesn’t necessarily mean you get your grill brush scrub out to make your barbecue gleams (even though that should be on your to-do list!)
At Samba, we want you to be on top of your game during barbecue season by having all the equipment and products on-hand so you are there, ready to impress. It is all about elevating your culinary prowess from the ordinary to extraordinary.
There is nothing better than cranking up the barbecue on a top-notch day surrounded by family and friends to witness and indulge in a memorable barbecue feast. It is your time to shine and Samba is there to help.

Fire it up

There is no room (or desire), during barbecue season, to cremate sausages or undercook the chicken. With the extensive Samba fire and barbecue range, it all starts with the perfect flame and Samba has that covered in spades.
Whether it is traditional or natural firelighters, or you want to squirt and light Samba has the ideal fire starters for you to successfully get your barbecue fire cranking to cook delights for all to enjoy and indulge in.

Fire equals flavour

So now you have the fire, here comes the flavour. There are a suite of natural lump charcoal, smoking chips and chunks from Samba to add that distinguishable and signature layer of flavour that is only recognisable with a memorable barbecue experience.
You know the ones we are talking about!
You are moving around the barbecue methodically, carefully tending to the fire with your midas touch, tongs and spatula in hand. The result is a barbecue bonanza, choc-a-block with tasty sensations and mouth-watering dishes. Going for seconds is the only option!

It’s all about the produce

Whether it is beef, chicken, fish or if you are going all out with vegetables, try and pick up the best produce you can get your hands on as well as what is in season.
Respect the produce by cooking it in a way that makes it shine on a plate – even if it is a gourmet sausage or a humble corn on the cob. It is those little touches such as handmade marinades, seasoning your food properly and allowing your proteins to rest, which will bring out the flavour for maximum appeal.

Dress to impress

For you to really shine during barbecue season, you also need to look the part.

Get kitted out with the latest barbecue grill sets that are easy to use and make cooking large batches a breeze. And don’t forget to snap up an apron, oozing in sophistication and polished finesse.
And back to the original barbecue shine – make sure your barbecue is in tip top condition. You want your main apparatus to look clean and looking its best so you can create the grilling gems your guest expect.
However you decide to shine during barbecue season, Samba can be part of your sizzling team.


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