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Come along the Samba journey to discover the best of Samba barbecue products on offer to kickstart your next amazing grilling adventure. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!


Samba takes your barbecuing time very seriously, so we never want to complicate the process. That’s why our BBQ range boasts simple-to-use products which give you the time to show off your BBQ skills one chicken, sausage and steak at a time!


Samba prides itself in creating and sourcing BBQ products from around the world that work well, the first time around. Through quality and excellence, the entire Samba BBQ range celebrates the joy, aroma and taste of a great BBQ.


At Samba, we are here to help and support you with any of your BBQ product enquiries. With hundreds of retailers stocking our BBQ consumable products, you can be assured that your BBQ needs will always be satisfied with Samba! Got a question? Check out our FAQ page or contact us.

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So fire, so good with all-natural Fire Wool Firelighters by Samba

So fire, so good with all-natural Fire Wool Firelighters by Samba

August 3 2021

Starting a fire for a barbeque, outdoor firepit or indoor fireplace should be simple, swift and long-lasting. Now, with Samba’s all-new, all-natural fire wool firelighters, made from wood shavings, they are quick and easy to ignite.   Eco-friendly firelighters Made from natural wood and wax, and free from any harmful chemicals, the Samba Fire Wool firelighter boasts a super performan...


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BBQ in the News

October 3 2021

How to shine during BBQ season

When we talk about the ability to shine during barbecue season, it doesn’t necessarily mean you get your grill br...


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November 3 2021

Smoking it low and slow with Samba Smoking Chunks

Sometimes things are so much better when we don’t rush it. When we decide to take our time, we often achieve the ...


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November 10 2021

Where there is smoke, there is flavour!

When it comes to serious smoking business (of the meat kind), the delicious and distinct flavour from smoking is unique...


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Knowledge Hub

Get the most of every Samba product you use, with a visual feast of step-by-step videos and advice in one smoking spot. You will be simply stoked by the grilling inspiration on offer!

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Gourmet hub

Where there’s smoke, there is flavour. And at the Gourmet Hub, Samba shares their easy-to-follow grilling tips and tricks so you shine with every barbecue experience, impressing your guests along the way.

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At Samba, we are so much more than fire and barbecue. We are passionate in being part of those special moments that you experience and treasure with your family and friends.

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