How to vamp up the humble chicken wing

October 10 2022
How to vamp up the humble chicken wing

The humble chicken wing is getting a well-deserved makeover.

From a bland and boring bite to a flat-out flavour bomb, chicken wings can become the highlight of any weekday meal or weekend entertainers’ delight.

But the meaty metamorphosis doesn’t just happen by accident. A combination of dry rubs and a smoke is what it takes to create the ultimate dynamic duo of flavour.

Lanes BBQ has joined forces with Samba, the experts in fires and BBQ to show you how you can transform the humbles of cuts to a mouth-watering morsal of tastebomb.

Get it while its hot

“This all-new seasoning was developed by me here in Australia and then it was created, tried and tested in the US, where it is now also sold.

“We’re so excited to launch our newest flavour. Our number 1 selling seasoning Magic Dust just caught fire! Magic Dust hot takes all the great qualities of Magic Dust with a fiery touch. This magically sweet fireball flavour will keep your grilling game going all summer long. Perfectly balanced with a kick of sweetness, little heat from the habanero peppers along with an earthy tone to create the perfect balance”

“With Magic Dust Hot, all you need is to shake some of this seasoning onto your wings and throw them straight onto the BBQ for the best tasting wings you have ever tasted.” Brett adds.

Smart with the smoke, end with the flavour

When you are deep diving into the world of wing wonderland, try Samba’s smoking chips BBQ. These are natural and additive free, and the best smoking chips if you want to produce an intense smoke in your barbecue over a shorter period of time, ideal for smoking steaks, chicken, lamb and pork.

At Samba, there are a suite of fire and barbecue products which will amplify your grilling experience to the next level. From the popular Hickory Smoking Chips, the ever-reliable Natural Fire Lighters, and aroma-enriching Lump Charcoal, Samba’s go-to fire and barbecue products have you covered this spring.

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At Samba, we are so much more than fire and barbecue. We are passionate in being part of those special moments that you experience and treasure with your family and friends.

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