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Fire up your passion for all things fire and barbecue with Samba. You can depend on Samba for all your fire ignition needs - reliability and ease of use, all rolled into one.


With all Samba ignition products, ease of use is our top priority. Igniting a fire needs to be uncomplicated and straightforward, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the fire you create. Let Samba light your fire!


Samba prides itself in creating and sourcing ignition products from around the world that work well, the first time around. Igniting a fire should be a simple process, and every time you do, Samba can be relied upon again and again.


At Samba, we are here to help and support you with any of your ignition enquiries. With hundreds of retailers stocking our fire ignition products, you can be assured that your fire ignition needs will always be satisfied with Samba! Got a question? Check out our FAQ page or contact us.

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How to vamp up the humble chicken wing

How to vamp up the humble chicken wing

October 10 2022

The humble chicken wing is getting a well-deserved makeover. From a bland and boring bite to a flat-out flavour bomb, chicken wings can become the highlight of any weekday meal or weekend entertainers’ delight. But the meaty metamorphosis doesn’t just happen by accident. A combination of dry rubs and a smoke is what it takes to create the ultimate dynamic duo of flavour. Lanes BBQ ...


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Ignition in the News

December 8 2021

Barbecuing up a storm for Christmas

While the diehard Christmas traditionalists may always lean towards the roasted trifecta of ham, turkey and pork, there...


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September 14 2021

Becoming the ultimate barbecue queen

Becoming a grilling great is a title to treasure and be proud. Being bestowed a barbecue queen is a sought-after crown ...


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August 15 2021

Fire lighting the natural way with Samba

If you want the grandest of flames that burns cleanly, look no further than Samba Natural Firelighters.So, what does it...


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Samba Hot Tips

Get the most of every Samba product you use, with a visual feast of step-by-step videos and advice in one smoking spot. You will be simply stoked by the grilling inspiration on offer!

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Samba Recipes

Where there’s smoke, there is flavour. And at the Recipes page, Samba shares their easy-to-follow grilling tips and tricks, so you shine with every barbecue experience.

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At Samba, we are so much more than fire and barbecue. We are passionate in being part of those special moments that you experience and treasure with your family and friends.

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