Smoking it low and slow with Samba Smoking Chunks

November 3 2021
Smoking it low and slow with Samba Smoking Chunks

Sometimes things are so much better when we don’t rush it. When we decide to take our time, we often achieve the finest of results.

Samba has that principle firmly in their barbecue psyche with their duo of Samba Hickory and Samba Oak Smoking Chunks which are 100 per cent natural and 100 per cent additive free.
While Samba’s Smoking Chips are ideal for the quicker cook, smoking chunks are perfect for those longer and lingering cooks, where those larger cuts of meat require some more TLC.
Trust us, it is certainly worth the wait. Low and slow with Samba’s Oak Smoking Chunks, which are harvested in the United States, results in the most luscious of meats, complete with the dark pink ‘smoke ring’ on the cooked meat as you slice it.
As the meat cooks, myoglobin (which is the protein that makes raw meat red or pink) turns brown, but if enough nitric oxide from the wood smoke condenses on your meat, it will bind with the still-red myoglobin and allow it to hold onto its pinkish hue.
It is like a heavenly halo of smoky goodness!

Considered smoking at its finest

Unlike smoking chips, there is no need to soak Samba’s Smoking Chunks in water before placing them onto hot coals.
Simply position the large oak smoking chunks in and around the fiery red charcoal and burn producing smoke which flavors the meat.
Hickory is the taste and aroma foundation which celebrates every smoking barbecue experience, exuding an intense aroma that is earthy and slightly honeyed.

Oak is synonymous with great all-rounder smoking and has a medium strength smoke flavour which is stronger than fruitwoods but lighter in flavour to Hickory.

Hickory and Oak can be combined and are a match made in smoking heaven to pair with your proteins such as red meat, pork and game to create your own unique flavour profile.

The result is certainly worth the wait with the most mouth-watering and moist cut of meat, perfectly smoked, ready to be devoured in record time!

Samba Hickory Smoking Chunks 2KG available at Bunnings.
Samba Oak Smoking Chunks 2KG available at Bunnings.

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