Where there is smoke, there is flavour!

November 10 2021
Where there is smoke, there is flavour!

When it comes to serious smoking business (of the meat kind), the delicious and distinct flavour from smoking is unique and memorable at any barbecue.
At Samba, we know all about barbecuing at its best, offering a generous array of smoking products which suit a mix of smoking styles and outcomes. Our smoking methodology has never been a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We know and love the fact that there are so many ways to smoke meat, so we want to give you the best possible products so you can get the tastiest of outcomes.

The not so serious business of smoking

Smoking meat is not new - far from it. In fact, smoking dates back to the primitive cavemen who would hang meat to dry in their homes and discovered that the smoke would give the meat a unique flavour.
Fast forward a few million years, and today’s passionate meat lover uses many different barbecues to smoke their food. From your standard gas barbie to rotisserie, offset smokers, drum smokers, vertical/bullet smokers and pellet smokers, these are all used for quick smoking and low and slow cooking methods which are increasing in popularity across Australia.
You don’t have to be a ‘master chef’ or a ‘pit master’ to enjoy the experience and reap the rewards of smoking on the barbecue. It is all about embracing the smoking technique and enjoying the easy steps to smoking.
While at first glance, you may think smoking is more work and only associated with the seasoned pro, while it is an impressive barbecuing technique, it is a simple and very effective way of barbecuing. Samba has ensured that with their go-to smoking range, smoking 101 is now far easier to enjoy and master and will be a welcomed edition to your cooking repertoire.

Smoking sensations

Before you get cracking on smoking, you need to consider what barbecue you have, the temperature and time you need to cook your protein. It is those this mix of the three combinations which will then decide what is best to use for your smoking needs.
Smoking chips perform perfectly on briefer cooks, where they produce an intense heat over a shorter amount of time. They can also be used on slightly longer cooks (eg. rotisserie meat over coals) if topped up throughout the cook.
Smoking chunks are ideal for longer cooks, and for use with larger cuts of meat. These are perfect for low and slow cooking styles and help to produce that luscious pink “smoke ring” on cooked meat.
Grilling pellets are for use in pellet smokers. Samba has relaunched a USA Hickory Smoking Pellet product which is ideal in ANY pellet smoker, produces low ash and holds consistent heat in the smoker for extended periods of time.

Grilling planks are a great way to add beautiful flavour to fish on the gas barbecue. By soaking the planks, and searing them on the barbecue, fish absorbs the cedar flavour whilst cooking, making for it succulent, moist and flavorsome.
And remember not to overdo in the smoking department. It is recommended you only smoke for around half the overall cooking time to avoid over-smoking.

Smoking inspiration

The smoking meat recipes are endless -from steaks and chicken through to beef brisket, pork ribs, chuck roast and lamb shoulder, smoking meat instead of grilling imparts a flavour that captivates the senses as you dive in.
When you decide to smoke meat, you are creating something magical and will certainly be crowd pleaser every time you decide to crank up the barbie.
Samba has an extensive smoking range for you to experience, including Samba Smoking Chips and Chunks, Pellets and Cedar Grilling Planks, and is guaranteed to please all smoking connoisseurs. All are 100 per cent natural and 100 per cent additive free, and easy to use at no matter where you are in your barbecue journey.
For your Samba Smoking chips, chunks, pellets and cedar grilling planks, head into Bunnings.

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