Getting the lowdown on Hickory smoking goodness with Samba

September 27 2021
Getting the lowdown on Hickory smoking goodness with Samba

Real barbecue smoking flavour starts with the real wood. And the number one choice for Samba is Hickory. Samba’s tantalizing trifecta of hickory products, whether it’s the pellets, chips or chunks, delivers the most unique and mouth-watering taste that is incomparable to traditional grilling.


Hickory is the taste and aroma foundation you need (and want) for every smoking barbecue experience, exuding an intense aroma that is earthy and slightly honeyed. Hickory can be perfectly paired with an array of meats including beef brisket, baby back ribs, lamb and pork. And don’t forget chicken and turkey!
The Hickory flavour bomb is lingering and dances on your pallet, as well as adding a distinct darker color to smoked meats. It creates a robust and rich flavour, elevating your barbecue from ordinary to extraordinary.
So, whether it is smoking quickly or low and slow, the ultimate meat smoking experience is with hickory and with Samba.

Hickory’s history

Hickory wood come from hardwood trees of the genus Carya, boasting 18 species and are native to the United States.
The popularity of hickory in the US has steadily trickled to Australia, with the love and passion for smoking gaining momentum.
The diverse mix of easy-to-use Samba hickory products on the market gives even the most novice of smokers the opportunity to experiment to create the tastiest of meals.

Hot and smoky with Hickory

The versatility of hickory creates a suite of opportunities to use different meats. Consider smoking a whole chicken or a larger cut of meat such as a beef brisket.
You can even use hickory to smoke salmon or add the famous hickory sweetness to chesses.
To mix things up, you can also mix hickory with a milder wood such as Samba’s Oak Smoking Chunks, to create a more hearty and sweeter dish.

Samba has you covered

Samba’s high quality hickory range is a celebration on the simple pleasure of smoking and the amazing dishes which follow.

At Samba, we want the smoking experience to leave with smiles on the faces, empty plates and full bellies. And we want guests and loved ones to ask their host, “What smells so good? And the answer should always be “Samba.”

For your Samba Smoking needs, head into Bunnings.

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