Samba all-new Hickory Grilling Pellets

October 17 2021
Samba all-new Hickory Grilling Pellets

Introducing Samba’s new and improved Hickory Grilling Pellets – direct from the heart of Australia’s grilling cousin, the United States.

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Introducing Samba’s new and improved Hickory Grilling Pellets – direct from the heart of Australia’s grilling cousin, the United States.
Samba is committed in selecting the best products for our Australian customers and now, after a world-wide search, Samba is introducing the all-new 5kg Hickory pellets pack featuring no preservatives and with a superior quality to match.
The high-quality Samba Hickory Pellets boast low ash content, as well as producing consistent heat output. What’s more, the Samba Hickory Pellets help drive flavour, supercharging the taste of the food you are meticulously preparing in the world of ‘low and slow’ cuisine.
You can a have a real artisan approach when pellet grilling, where results depend on lots of factors including outdoor temperature, grilling temperature, the choice of grill and pellets. So, flex your smoking muscles and enjoy the unique and heavenly smoking technique that your guests will be pining for!
Compatible with all pellet barbeque brands, Samba’s all-new Hickory Grilling Pellets creates a whole new world of barbecue for you to explore. To use, simply add the pellets into the hopper, then heat the grill to the temperature you want. Once in, there is no need to fiddle with fuel – the pellets will make the magic happen!
The beauty of the all-new, all-natural Hickory Grilling Pellets is that they now have a consistent and steady heat output and can last for hours on end, making your all-night low and slow cook a breeze. Now, there is no excuse to get cracking on your crackling and create mouth-watering dishes on the busiest of weekdays or the laziest of weekends.
From succulent slow cooked beef brisket, luscious leg of lamb to creating pork shoulder perfection, Samba’s latest Hickory pellet offering will transform your culinary prowess from beige to ‘Bellissima!’
Samba Hickory Pellets are sold at Bunnings 

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