National Hamburger Day – May 28th

May 10 2022
National Hamburger Day – May 28th

National calendar days are there to be celebrated – from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, these days are treasured and loved.

But there is one calendar day which is escalating up the ranks and that is National Hamburger Day on 28th May.

And what better way to celebrate this tastiest day of the year than for Samba the experts in fire and barbecue to reveal their most favourite hamburger recipes on the grill. Of course, there really is no better way to create a delicious hamburger than on the barbecue.

Hamburger patty debate

There is a lot of debate in how you grill your hamburger patty to perfection. Is it to grill the patty on high heat and flipping it once only for those perfect grill marks or is it to continually flip to cook the burger all the way through?

And is the best hamburger made with a thin or a thick patty? Decisions, decisions.

Whatever the thickness, the key to the juiciest burgers is to keep the meat mixture cold until you are ready to grill it and not to overwork the mince mixture when you are forming the patties.

And remember to let those burgers rest before you put them in your burger buns!

Classic all the way

While there is a myriad of hamburger combinations out there, nothing really beats the classic hamburger. Think lean beef patty with a slice of melted cheese on top, onion, tomato and lettuce.

And for the sauce – it is a simple tomato sauce and mayonnaise combination.

The result is a burger that you can dive into, with every bite better than the previous. And don’t forget a generous side of twice-cooked fries for good measure.

Mixing it up

For the true connoisseurs, a hamburger is so much more than a tasty patty. Whether it is adding caramelized or crispy onion rings, bacon, beetroot, jalapenos, gooey egg, beetroot and grilled pineapple, these burgers are a multi-sensory experience with two hands required!

And for the sides, why not try sweet potato fries with rosemary, grilled on the barbecue to perfection.

You might also be tempted with a more Asian-style burger, complete with spring onions and coriander, Asian slaw accompanied with a ginger and garlic infused patty.

The choices are endless!

Whether you are using Samba’s lump charcoal or grilling over a wood fire, it is developing that perfect flame which equates to flavour, through and through.

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