Couple Grilling Goals this Valentine’s Day

February 7 2022
Couple Grilling Goals this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, eliminate the pressure of fine dining and consider a tranquil, yet delicious evening meal around the barbecue. Crank up the melodic dulcet tones of the grill to create culinary cupid perfection.
Surprise your loved one with a romantic meal, complete with the ideal ambience and spice for a heavenly barbecue meal, with Samba.

Its all about the menu

The weather is perfect for an outdoor setting for you to impress your guest with the barbecue.
Perhaps a whole organic chicken, cooked on the rotisserie using Samba Smoking Chips or grilled duck with an Asian spice rub might be the perfect choices for this special evening in.
An abundance of colourful vegetables on a skewer, barbecued to perfection are ideal sides or the perfect go-to choice for a vegetarian date.
On trend and taste at the moment is grilling a variety of lettuce. Whether it is a delicious cos lettuce with almonds or grilled romaine lettuce with fresh herbs, the char on the greens is simply something special.

Set the sizzling scene

Make sure that the outdoor setting is fit for cupid. Forget about paper plates and disposable cutlery. A barbecue still deserves to be placed on the prettiest of flatware and using your good cutlery. Your there to impress right?
Pepper the backyard with a variety of candles and lights, to get the mood just right!
And keep the heavy metal tunes to the car. Tonight, Michael Bublé and Marvin Gaye take center stage.

And don’t forget dessert

It’s not Valentine’s Day dinner without having something scrumptious sweet for dessert.
And what better way to complete a barbecue meal than to have a dessert from the grill.
Why not try the fool’s proof foil wrapped chocolate, marshmallow and banana dessert. With only three ingredients, this grilled dessert is mouth-watering good.
Another foil pack recipe is apple crisp. Apples topped with rolled oats, cinnamon and sugar is all that you need. And don’t forget the vanilla ice-cream to finish off.
Let the aromas and tastes from the grill be the love potion you need this Valentine’s Day!


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