SSSmokin! Samba’s Smoking Chips intensifies smoking BBQ flavour

October 24 2021
SSSmokin! Samba’s Smoking Chips intensifies smoking BBQ flavour

We all know that creating extraordinary flavour when you barbecue is a learned science, yet something that can be easily achieved. We need the right equipment and ingredients to masterfully weave together to create a meal that your family and friends would run through hoops of fire to taste and indulge.

Samba certainly knows the commitment you have in getting your barbecue just the way you like it, with a bounty of products to serve all tastes and flavour bomb combinations.
Samba has a smoking chip dynamic duo that are guaranteed to tempt different palettes and cuisine creations. It is amazing the flavour profiles which emerge by using different smoking chips during the cooking process.
Grown and harvested in the heart of smoking country, the United States, the Samba Hickory Smoking Chips produce an enviable true bold flavour and classic smokey and slightly sweet taste which is synonymous with the traditional all-American barbecue scene.
Aptly named BBQ blend, this range of Samba smoking chips, while deliciously bold with a touch of sweetness, has a delicate hint of welcomed fruitiness – ideal for any barbecue menu.

Smoking flavour sensation

Samba’s Smoking Chips, natural and additive free, and the best smoking chips if you want to produce an intense smoke in your barbecue over a shorter period of time, ideal for smoking steaks, chicken, lamb and pork.
They can also be used on slightly longer cooks such as a rotisserie meat over coals, with the chips needing a top up throughout the cook.
The mouth-watering results with smoking with Samba can be accomplished with either over our charcoal or your own gas barbecue. And when it comes to decide what is best to use for your smoking needs it all comes down to temperature and time. The choice is yours!

Smoking chip theatrics!

Setting up Samba’s Smoking Chips is just as important than the actual cooking, so make sure you showcase your barbecue preparation prowess in front of your guests. We are confident that they will be very impressed!
Simple to use, all you need to do is to soak the Smoking Chips in water or a liquid of your choice for around 25 minutes. Drain chips and spread over hot coals. Wait for chips to start smoking before placing food onto the grill.
If are using the smoking chips on a gas barbecue, wrap soaked and drained chips in foil (poking holes into the top to allow for smoke to escape) or into a BBQ smoker box. Place onto cooking grill and close the lid. Wait for chips to start smoking before placing food onto the grill.
Then you are ready to roll!
But don’t go overzealous with your smoking chips. Samba recommends that you smoke for around half the overall cooking time to avoid over-smoking (yes, that can happen!)

Samba’s Hickory Smoking Chips 750g is available at Bunnings
Samba BBQ Blend smoking Chips 300g available at Woolworths


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