Why gathering around a campfire sparks human connection

April 28 2022
Why gathering around a campfire sparks human connection

It doesn’t take much to get hypnotized by the alluring crackle and hum of a campfire. From the irresistible glow of the flames to the captivating scent of the burning logs, little effort is needed to gravitate towards the fire, sitting around it with intrigue so you can relish this simple, yet wonderful experience.

But why the attraction?

There is no mistake that when you and your loved ones huddle around a campfire, the more relaxed you all become. The fire’s calming ambiance coupled with the murmuring of light conversation, is the perfect formula for an alfresco evening with a difference.

The ultimate night-time ritual

Whether you are in the backyard, out in the caravan or tent, or on a remote part of Australia, a campfire signifies the end of a busy and enjoyable day. It is the ideal evening ritual. Getting that fire going, quickly and seamlessly is the key, as your guests may become impatient!

Samba’s suite of fire starters from Squirt and Light, Fire Wool, to Natural Wooden Firelighters, is all you need to get the fire started, the first time, every time. Getting that fire going well, allows the fun times to begin. 

Amber ambience

Often, you may find that a campfire is a catalyst for complete silence, with all those gathered around mesmerized by the flicker of the flames and the waft of smoke lingering in the air. Everyone is focused, cupping their hot chocolate or red wine as they pass the bowl of chips to the next person.

And it doesn’t matter when the wind changes and you are the one getting all the smoke in your face, the aroma on your clothes is a lovely reminder of the nostalgic evening’s events.

While it is the simplest of pleasures, a campfire aims to please in all that it offers. Sometimes, it takes a campfire to allow us to take stock of the day reflect on who and what is around you. And that counts in spades.

Campfires and conversations

And as the last of the marshmallows are eaten and the kids’ eyes are getting heavier with sleep, plans for the following day take hold. Campfires and conversations go hand in hand, with big ideas ignited with further enthusiasm.

And whether you are responsible in stoking the fire, the one handing out the sticks to roast marshmallows or making popcorn, you are always guaranteed that the campfire will be the perfect ending to a memorable day.

With Samba, we love being part of the process, enflaming great times with family and friends.

For all your fire starter needs, visit, www.sambafireandbbq.com.au

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