Three tips to open fire activities

May 29 2022
Three tips to open fire activities

Campfires are usually a time to relax and reflect, gazing at the melodic flames as they flicker through the night.

But there is no reason why you can’t add a little more spark around casual campfire conversations.

Once you kickstart your campfire with Samba, inject a little creativity and banter, saving marshmallow roasting and ghost storytelling for another time!

Creating a camp stove

While you may have finished a succulent barbecue feast hours earlier, there is always room for a campfire dessert!

And a spotted dog might do the trick!

It is a deliciously sweet damper bread, made extra more succulent with loads of vanilla ice cream and golden syrup.

There are plenty of recipes available, but the best ones feature a can of cola and beer. And don’t go light on the sultanas. And make sure you are generous with those juicy bursts of sweetness.

Your Samba fire needs to have a good spread of hot coals for the Dutch oven to sit on, allowing the spotted dog to cook to perfection.

And if a spotted dog is not for you, campfire s’mores are the ultimate in gooey deliciousness, featuring melted chocolate and marshmallow, cased in tasty biscuits. No cutlery is needed for this dessert!

Campfire games

It's an oldy but a goody, but the telephone game is always a crowd favourite.

Everyone around the campfire can get involved and whether you kick off the game with a theme such as a famous rock’n’roll song or a piece of trivial gossip, it is always an interesting outcome in what the final person says out loud!

This game may break the silence barrier but it is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser, especially for the kids.

Campfire sing along

A good old-fashioned sing-along is a great campfire activity as it doesn’t need any music and is a great opportunity for mums and dads to teach the younger members some different songs.

Or you may want to be adventurous and sing a song like ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’. You have two or more start off the song, with another group coming in after the first line. It might begin with a lyrical train wreck, but with a little practise and perseverance, you may end up with a harmonic nursery rhyme!

It is often the simplest of pleasures that may have the grandest of impacts, especially with family, friends and a little bit of Samba Fire & BBQ around you!

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