The ultimate new year’s resolution for BBQ enthusiasts

December 8 2021
The ultimate new year’s resolution for BBQ enthusiasts

Forget about investing in a gym membership or scaling down your weekly chocolate consumption for your 2022 new year’s resolution. This year, make a new year’s resolution which really counts and one you can stick to with mountains of enthusiasm.

This year, consider redirecting your energies in setting goals purely around the barbecue, the joy of grilling and entertaining with family and friends.
By making a new year’s resolution in amplifying your barbecuing skills, you will undoubtedly be set up for the rest of 2022, and thoroughly enjoying barbecue life. Samba, the experts in fire and barbecue, shows you how!

Mix things up in the grilling game

If you usually prefer using the convenience of gas while barbecuing, consider taking the plunge in 2022 by mixing it up in the way you grill. Invest in an open flame grill or smoker (perhaps an ideal Christmas present for yourself!), handpick some Samba smoking chips, chunks and lump charcoal and enjoy the newfound barbecue method of an open flame.
Take your time with this form of barbecuing and enjoy the process of transforming a meal from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Consider going low and slow with a bountiful and mouth-watering brisket or pork shoulder in a smoker. The succulent and spice infused meat will be the talking point of your guests – there is no doubt there.

Trying something new

While snags and sausages are a reliable and delicious go-to for any barbecue, part of your new year’s resolution could be to explore the world of options on offer by considering barbecuing a lamb leg or whole snapper.
Be confident in your barbecuing prowess by doing the research and giving it a crack. There are a suite of fool-proof recipes and videos to follow online.
Use a variety of herbs and spices on your choice cuts to rev up the flavour to the next level. Think dukkha for Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine, or robust Mediterranean herbs such as thyme and oregano to bring out the best in red cuts.
Your new-found barbecuing techniques will work beautifully with the fresh ingredients you introduce – it is simply a match made in heaven!

Did someone say, dessert?

Surprise your guests by taking it to the next level, finishing off your barbecue feast with delicious desserts, predominately made on the barbecue. Yes, a barbecue dessert!
How about an adults’ only barbecue Cointreau and caramel bananas. Simply wrap Cointreau-soaked bananas in foil, then place them in the dying coals while eating your dinner – such a delicious and decadent summer barbecue dessert – and don’t forget the ice cream!
You can also grill pineapple on the dying coals to create the sweetest and most luscious dessert, especially if you sprinkle them with almonds and dollops of ice cream. Hot and cold desserts will be the hit of your party.

From the Samba team, wishing you all a prosperous and tasty 2022!

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