Barbecuing up a storm for Christmas

December 8 2021
Barbecuing up a storm for Christmas

While the diehard Christmas traditionalists may always lean towards the roasted trifecta of ham, turkey and pork, there is no reason why you shouldn’t mix things up this festive season. Why not take the plunge by not only changing the sort of cuisine you offer but cooking all the Christmas culinary magic on the barbecue?

Yes you heard us right! On the barbecue!

With a Christmas barbecue feast, you have the creative licence to mix the proteins up if you like - perhaps consider lamb, salmon and beef or stick to the traditional trio and cook with style and finesse on the barbecue.
Samba, the experts in fire and barbecue, unpacks the ultimate Christmas culinary challenge, giving you the confidence and creativity for you to go all out this festive season.

Going all out with a fresh menu

With the typical Australian Christmas usually set in balmier weather, a Christmas barbecue outside seems to fit perfectly.
It certainly does not have to be complicated, far from it, but when you crank up the barbecue, you’ll know for certain that when there’s smoke, there’s flavour!
Combining proteins may be the ultimate in Christmas indulgence. Think, the greatest version of Surf and Turf you can think of, with a succulent rib eye steak, perfectly barbecued flavoured by Samba’s Hickory Chips, accompanied with the juiciest and plumpest Australian prawns. And don’t forget the creamy garlic sauce to finish it off. They will be clambering for that one!
Also, why not try smoking a lamb leg, low and slow, that has been meticulously dry rubbed with deep and aromatic spices. Once complete, create the ultimate lamb salad, with spiced pearl couscous and pomegranates for that pop of acidity.
If you’re up against it with time, you cannot go past grilling salmon on the barbecue. Now, don’t feel intimated with the salmon. Face this delicate fish, head on, by grilling it on an aromatic cedar grill plank, infusing the salmon with smoked goodness, and then season to taste. You will know it is ready when you see the thickest part of the salmon starting to flake away when you put a fork in.

Going traditional with a twist!

Whether you decide on Samba’s hickory chips or smoking chunks, deciding to barbecue the turkey will be a game changer. While it is an investment of time, it is Christmas after all, your turkey will be the centrepiece to your Christmas lunch or dinner. Juicy and tender, the turkey will be enveloped in a sweetened perfume that simply cannot be achieved in the oven.
A barbecue ham that has been rubbed with mustard and sugar will be one of the other stars of the show for your Christmas feast. But don’t forget to baste this beast every 10 to 15 minutes with a glorious glaze of pineapple juice, sherry, sugar, garlic and cloves. Mouth-watering, to say the least!
For the ultimate in pork crackling, look no further than your barbecue. The no-fail strategy of roasting the pork is to prepare the pork beforehand by drying out its skin overnight making Criss Cross incisions and salting it up. The next day, remove the excess salt, rub a little of oil and resalt. Pop the pork over indirect high heat, with the lid closed, for half an hour or so, so you can fast track the crackle. Then reduce the heat and continue to roast for 50 minutes per kg of pork. It is simply heaven on a plate.


Now you have all proteins down pat, what about the celebration sides!
They are just as important as they complement the proteins you have created so beautifully.
And just another thing, keep the barbecue on for these as well. Keep up the flavour bomb in the barbecue stakes with a trio of delicious sides.
Perhaps you would like to create grilled corn and chorizo salad or grilled mushrooms, with rosemary barbecue roasted potatoes and a basil pesto.
And for the vegetarians you can easily turbo charge your sides to become exquisite mains. Think vegan grilled eggplant, zucchini and tofu stacks with almonds or a roast potato salad with spicy lentils and pine nuts.
From all of us at Samba, we wish you the merriest of Christmases filled with love, laughter and grilling!

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