So fire, so good with all-natural Fire Wool Firelighters by Samba

August 3 2021
So fire, so good with all-natural Fire Wool Firelighters by Samba

Starting a fire for a barbeque, outdoor firepit or indoor fireplace should be simple, swift and long-lasting.

Now, with Samba’s all-new, all-natural fire wool firelighters, made from wood shavings, they are quick and easy to ignite.

Eco-friendly firelighters

Made from natural wood and wax, and free from any harmful chemicals, the Samba Fire Wool firelighter boasts a super performance that has a long and much-welcomed burn time.
The Samba Fire Wool catches onto a spark of a flame quickly and produces a noticeably larger and hotter flame, than a standard firelighter. It’s revolutionary and innovative wool yarn-like structure, means that there is plenty of area for air to encourage the flame to catch the wood. Not only does Fire Wool light quickly, it burns for a long time – in fact one yarn can do the job of 3 traditional firelighters.
And because it is natural, the Fire Wool firelighters will not taint the taste of your food at all.

Getting the fire started first time around

Picture it. The family is famished, and the food is ready to be cooked. You need a fire lighter that does the job, quickly and easily, as well as being conveniently odourless. The only fragrance you will be taking in is the hypnotic charcoal aroma and the food cooking away.
Samba’s Fire Wool are no nonsense, eco-friendly and high performing firelighters. They tick all the boxes.
In fact, in many instances, depending on the size of your fire, you may not even need kindling; making fire starting easier than it’s ever been

Five-star rating

There has already been glowing feedback for the fire wool firelighters, including Bunnings customer, Kylie, who said, “Love these!!! These start easily and wonderful to use.”
The positive news, coupled with its superior performance, has seen Samba Fire Wool become the hottest innovation in Fire and BBQ for many a year.

Check them out

Samba Fire Wool Firelighters are available at Bunnings, Woolworths and Coles.


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