Healthy chimney, healthy home with Samba

September 5 2021
Healthy chimney, healthy home with Samba

When we think of rolling up our sleeves to start the annual spring-cleaning marathon, we often put tasks such as decluttering the kitchen cupboards, packing up winter clothes or steam cleaning the carpets, high on the to-do list, while chimney cleaning may get lost in the pecking order.

With areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, you can easily spot the grime and dirt build up, but with chimneys, it is often ‘see no evil’. But believe me, if a fireplace has had a heavy work out over winter, it needs some well-earned TLC!

Winter build up

Over the last three months, burning wood, particularly when it burns slowly, has created a highly flammable deposit inside the flue which may create a suite of issues including less efficiency due to a blocked or dirty flue, as well as the risk of a chimney fire due to excessive build-up of highly flammable creosote.

Whilst there are ‘degrees’ of creosote buildup that can occur, prevention is the key to a healthy flue and even healthier home.

So, it is fundamental to keep the flue clear and clean to keep your home safe and healthy.

Clean chimney, cleaner air

By having your chimney cleaned thoroughly, using Samba’s dynamic duo in chimney cleaning - Chimney Sweep in a box and Cleaning Sachets, you are improving the air quality circulating within your home.

It also helps with fireplace efficiency with the ash that builds up in the flue lining can impede with the draft, which can also affect how well the fire burns.

Regular cleaning and upkeep helps to keep your home and family safer and helps to ensure that the venting system is operating properly.

Samba has the chimney cleaning formula

Samba’s Chimney Sweep in a box and Cleaning Sachets are the go-to cleaning duo to get your chimney in tip-top condition.

Give your fireplace flue cleaning a kick start by burning a Samba Chimney Sweep in a box. Made from wood shavings and wax, the Samba chimney sweep log boasts an active substance that will efficiently clean the chimney. It is safe and easy to use, reducing smoke emissions resulting in a clean chimney which is safe to use next winter.

Maintain your fireplace flue by using Samba Chimney cleaning sachets which boast five powder sachets, that are simple to use and are clean handling. Using these sachets (one per week for maintenance), will help prevent a build-up of flammable soot deposit, increase heat efficiency of your wood burner, as well as reduce smoke emissions and help prevent flue fires.

Once all the items on your spring-cleaning list is ticked off, you can dust off your own cobwebs, get outside, because guess what, barbecue season is officially on!

To find out more about Samba’s chimney cleaning duet, visit our products page or visit Bunnings

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