Sharing the love for the bbq with your kids

November 25 2022
Sharing the love for the bbq with your kids

The enjoyment and value of teaching kids and teens how to cook also should be extended to the greatness of barbecue. From the grill to low and slow barbecue, there are skills and memories to be gained.

Making sure that safety is paramount, children should get ensconced in the joy of barbecuing by understanding different techniques and preparation tips. As they continue to work on their skills, they will certainly fill their cup by spending quality family time experimenting and diving into the mouth-watering world of barbecuing.

Guiding and encouraging junior barbecue masters to enjoy the preparation side of barbecuing is paramount, but it is also important for them to understand about fire and how cooking over flame enhances the flavors and add to the craft of BBQ and they will be able to taste their results.
Samba, the experts in fire and barbecue, has teamed up with family business Smokin Hot ‘n Saucy Barbecue, to share their insights around teaching kids the skills of Aussie and American style barbecue.

It all begins with the prep

As with all cuisines, barbecuing requires preparation, so it is important to guide your junior barbecue masters with the sort of prep work which needs to be done before you get stuck into the ‘fun fire’ part.

From selecting the cut of meat, seasoning, deciding on the best cooking method, and which Samba barbecue product to use for the barbecue magic to happen, is all part of the creative process. From Samba’s natural firelighters to lump charcoal and smoking chips, Samba has everything ready to put the flame in your barbecue. So, when it comes to the actual cooking process, fire management is under control with Samba.

Grilling gusto

When it comes to barbecuing, entrust your junior barbecue chefs with the creative license to peruse the internet and select recipes they would love to try out. Perhaps guide your budding barbecue masters to recipes that have a ‘never fail’ title to them such as beef satay skewers, mini lamb burgers or pork barbecue ribs. Working off simple recipes does not mean they are not delicious – quite the opposite. It is important to give the kids the confidence and gusto to enjoy the barbecue experience so they have the faith and support to do it again and again!

Grilling perfection, first time, every time

Your junior barbecue master can venture into more creative territories as they perfect their barbecue game, and then can move onto more complicated dishes such rib eye with a walnut pesto, Mexican chicken thighs served with corn and black beans, or even give garlic prawns on the barbecue.

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