Seniors getting their sizzle on the barbecue

February 21 2022
Seniors getting their sizzle on the barbecue

After many decades of creating and cooking meals for family and loved ones, Australian seniors have the perfect opportunity to unwind a little and experience a more relaxed approach to creating their own culinary classics – and that is with the good old-fashioned barbecue.
It’s time to mosey on outside, crank up the barbecue and enjoy the spoils of what is officially the best way to cook your breakfast, lunch or dinner (that is what Samba thinks anyway!)
Whether you are on holiday in the caravan, in a park with family and friends or in the backyard at home, our sensational seniors should be kicking back and soaking up the barbecue atmosphere, relishing in their grilling feasts, one mouthful at a time.

Flavourful and healthy

Mouth-watering barbecues do not have to be unhealthy and while it is always important for seniors to keep an eye on a nourishing diet, you don’t need to compromise on flavour with the barbecue.
Whether it is whole baby snapper with Asian dressing, Mediterranean-infused chicken thighs or going all out with grilled vegetarian with Middle Easter flair, the barbecue should be the go-to cooking process guaranteed to ramp up the fiery flavour.

Forging friendships around fire

Good food and great company are part of the undisputed formula you need at any time of day to bring a smile to your face. For many seniors, friendships run deep and coming together around a barbecue to share stories and snags is a match made in heaven.
If you are one of the many grey nomads trekking around Australia with a caravan, happy hour at any caravan park also equates to outdoor eating around a barbecue. The aroma wafting through the caravan site is addictive and you often see couples meandering from one caravan to the next, with coffee or cocktail in hand, checking out what’s on for barbecue dinner. Life cannot get any better!

Enjoying the grilling process

Rather than going fast and furious with your barbecue, it may be a great time to be more experimental with low and slow barbecue techniques. Perhaps investing in a smoker where you can use Samba’s Lump Charcoal and Hickory Smoking Chunks to bring out a flavour bomb for your next meal. It could be the delicious beef brisket you always wanted to try but never had the time, or a pork shoulder that can tick away so effortlessly in the smoker – the results will be a mouth-watering success.


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