Hop onto Easter Grilling ideas

March 30 2022
Hop onto Easter Grilling ideas

Create an ‘eggscellent’ Easter lunch or dinner with family and friends, alfresco style, and on the grill, with Samba.

These memorable sociable get-togethers don’t have to be complicated, even for Easter. The key ingredients are the ingredients themselves and let the flame enhance and celebrate the flavours on the plate.

Off the back of your Christmas culinary success on the barbecue, continue the winning streak this Easter with an equally celebratory grilling feast.

Samba shows you how!

I ‘sea’food

A great Easter tradition is seafood, and lots of it. And while fresh prawns with lemon sings a sweet song, barbecuing seafood elevates crustacean consumption to a whole new level.

If you are going all out with crayfish or lobster, give them a flash grill on the barbecue, then allowing them to swim with butter and lemon, will seal the deal for your guests.

Perhaps a whole baby snapper stuffed with cherry tomatoes, herbs, butter and shallots, neatly wrapped in foil on the grill as Samba’s lump charcoal creates its magic. A taste explosion awaits!

And who doesn’t love a seafood platter? Give fritto misto the ultimate twist by smoking a piece of Salmon using Samba’s hickory chips, while you score a suite of seafood including calamari, prawns and firm white fish such as blue grenadier. Get those grill marks that you love and then drizzle with a tingling lime, garlic and olive oil dressing. All you need to do is serve it up with a glorious Italian rocket salad and crusty bread to mop those garlicky juices.


Tapas, barbecue-style

This Easter, if a one platter fiesta is not what you are after, why not consider a Tapas style menu, where you are drip-feeding pocket-sized portions of yumminess to your guests. Using Samba’s Lump Charcoal, you can grill for longer at your pace.

Perhaps spicy Cajun-style chicken skewers will hit the mark or grilled beef bites with a sweet mustard barbecue sauce?

You may decide on delicious grilled pork strips with the ultimate chimichurri sauce or peri peri chicken and sausage combination drenched in a yogurt and garlic dipping sauce.


Going Sweet on the barbecue

It wouldn’t be an Easter feast without dessert, so while the kids dive into the Easter chocolate eggs, the older kids can indulge in the ultimate barbecue dessert.

Why not create a chocolate barbecue Hot Cross Bun. Simply slice and grill the hot cross buns on the grill, while you melt some chocolate eggs. Be creative in how you fill these parcels of deliciousness – seasonal berries, marshmallows, honeycomb shards and finish off with melting chocolate. It is certainly sweetness overload, but it is Easter after all!

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