Fire lighting the natural way with Samba

August 15 2021
Fire lighting the natural way with Samba

If you want the grandest of flames that burns cleanly, look no further than Samba Natural Firelighters.
So, what does it take to be a natural firelighter? A bit of nature, and a lot of Samba naturally!

Going natural

Additive free, Samba Natural Firelighters are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients which are renewable and sustainable. Being nontoxic and clean handling, they are ideal for charcoal fuelled barbecues and indoor wood fires.
Made from a combination of wood and wax, you can be certain that Samba’s natural firelighters are sustainable and made from renewable materials, giving you a memorable fire lighting experience.

Convenience and sustainability in a package

Being natural does not sacrifice on function, and in the case of Samba’s Natural Firelighters, they pack plenty of performance punch. Whilst the experience of lighting natural firelighters is only a little different to the Samba Original Firelighters, once lit, kindling or charcoal will be glowing, ready for the next step.
The beauty and ingenuity of Samba Natural Firelighters is that, when used to light charcoal, they do not taint your food with any artificial aftertaste, especially if you pair them with Samba’s Lump Charcoal BBQ fuel. Think the juiciest of steaks, to the most succulent of chickens and the tastiest of vegetables. You will be tasting and indulging in food that are flavour bombs.
This dynamic natural fire product lights the fire which will create culinary classics that will dance along your taste buds – all natural and non-toxic – what a great combination!
Samba Natural Firelighters don’t crumble when handling, minimizing mess, which is always a bonus. What’s more, these Samba Firelighters do not leave a residue when used – clean and efficient, every time!

Great value, long lasting

Samba thinks long and hard, creating products that work for you and are great value for money, so you can get on with the fun stuff, creating magnificent fire and barbecue masterpieces. The Samba Natural Firelighters are also incredibly economical and available in multiple pack sizes including 24pk, 32pk and 100-piece tube.
There is no excuse not to go natural with Samba!
Samba Natural Firelighters are available from Bunnings and major supermarkets nationally, including Coles, Woolworths and Richies’ IGA.

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