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Did You Know?


That holding a gas lighter or lit match to the jagged edge of a Natural Firelighter will get them burning quickly!

Have you heard on the grapevine that some people find Natural Firelighters hard to light? We are here to tell you, that with a little know-how, your fire will be blazing in minutes.

Natural firelighters are a great way to start your wood fire or charcoal BBQ. Not only are they 100% natural, but are non-toxic, clean to handle, have a long burn time and a great flame! A whole lot of punch packed into a little brown firelighter! Starting these fire lighting gems is quick and simple. Simply break off 3 or 4 firelighters, and place amongst your kindling or BBQ fuel. Now, here is where the magic starts. Hold your gas lighter or lit match to the jagged edge (yup the edge that looks torn) of the firelighter for a few seconds until the flame catches. Once going you can add more wood or charcoal to your fire!

Breaking your firelighters up in the plastic before you open the pack can help to stop the mess and handling!

The best thing about Samba Firelighters is that they are seriously the easiest way to start your fire. There is a quick and easy tip to help you get the most out of your pack of firelighters. Open the cardboard packaging and remove the plastic packet. Before you rip into the packet, take a look, you should see some score marks which show each firelighter cube. Carefully (with the plastic pack closed) apply enough pressure to break the first length of firelighters along the scored line. Break this length into individual firelighters along each scored line. Repeat for as many firelighters as you need. Opening the plastic packaging remove firelighters. To store, fold over the top of the plastic packaging, and return to the cardboard box they came in.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are Samba products environmentally friendly?

Our commitment in creating ethically sourced, sustainable products is unwavering as we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.

From our Natural Firelighters, made from compressed wood to natural Lump Charcoal, Grilling Pellets, Smoking chips and chunks and Firelogs, there is a Samba natural product to suit your needs!

How to use Samba Chimney Sweep Log?

  1. Wait for your fire to die down (look for hot coals and low flames)
  2. Remove the Samba Chimney Sweep log from the cardboard box, but do not unwrap it from the paper packaging
  3. Place the wrapped log on top of glowing coals in the fireplace
  4. Ignite both ends of the wrapper. Once alight, add more kindling or firewood to the fire, allowing for the log to burn down completely.

How to refill my Samba Gas Lighter?

VIDEO: Premium Butane Gas

Watch this video to follow these steps.

1. If required, select appropriate adapter and fit to canister refill nozzle.
(Most lighters do not require an adapter)

2. Position butane gas canister downwards and align nozzle with valve of product being refilled.

3. Press nozzle firmly into valve of butane powered product to refill.

4. Escaping gas indicates when product is full.

How do the Chimney Cleaner Sachets work?

Over time chimneys develop a layer of highly flammable soot called creosote. The active ingredients in the Samba Chimney cleaner sachets act to neutralise the creosote, removing it from the chimney surface.

What is the difference between the Samba Chimney Sweep in a box and the Chimney Cleaner Sachets.

Think of the Chimney Sweep in a box as an initial “boost clean” for your chimney. Then the Chimney Cleaner Sachets as the maintenance of your fireplace.

Depending on how regularly you use your fire, the Chimney Sweep in a Box is recommended for use every 30 days. Top up with a weekly Chimney Cleaner Sachet.


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