All-new sustainable Samba Hotlogs burning hotter for longer

August 9 2021
All-new sustainable Samba Hotlogs burning hotter for longer

Samba continues to spearhead the most innovative and sustainable fire and barbecue products into the Australian market with its latest offering, Samba Hotlogs.

Burning hotter for longer

Made from 100 per cent sustainable hardwood, the Samba Hotlogs are the ideal and convenient firewood, which not only burns hotter, but also for longer, is easy to use and is clean to handle.

As a sustainable and renewable source, the all-new Samba Hotlogs amplifies your fire-side experience.

Creative use

Perfect for wood heating, as well open fireplaces, campfires and firepits. Each Samba Hotlog burns for more than an hour and is the easy way to enjoy your fire.

Samba Hotlogs are also idea for kindling. Simply break the log into smaller discs and use as kindling, using the full Hotlogs as firewood. Versatility at its best!

For many Samba customers, the ash left after using the Samba Hotlogs, when cooled, becomes the ideal garden fertilizer. Simply add ash onto your garden, the day after your fire and water in. Your garden will thank you for it!

The lure to go to traditional woodpile to use chopped firewood to get their fire going is now a thing of the past. The all-new Samba Hotlogs, with its quality and high performance are now the new go-to for the ultimate fire-side experience.

Samba seal of approval

Samba is passionate with their ongoing commitment to customers nationwide as they continue to select and source the best fire and barbecue products available.

For the easy way to light your fire, Samba has you covered. Whether it is for work, rest or play, Samba is committed in creating a range of products which make fire and barbecuing a joy, rather than a chore.

Product details

Height: 90mm

Width: 455mm

Length: 305mm

Weight: 9kg

RRP: $9.99

Samba Hotlogs are available at Bunnings

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