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At Samba, we take great satisfaction in knowing a thing or two about fire and barbecue. In fact, when it comes to ALL things fire and barbecue, look no further than Samba. Our extensive range is there to help make those moments with family and friends that extra special. Fire it up with Samba!


It’s all about the perfect fire, isn’t it? At Samba, our extensive fire range is reliable and easy to use. Samba helps to keep your fire starting safe and simple, so you can get on with enjoying the perfect fire with family and friends.

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As dedicated fire and barbecue lovers, having the right tools to kickstart your fire is king. You want products that are easy to use and are extremely reliable. Look no further than Samba for all of your ignition needs.

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To reign supreme in the grilling stakes, you need a dependable barbecue, a little bit of knowledge, a whole lot of tips and tricks along the way, and Samba of course! So crank up the barbie and give those taste buds a workout!

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Samba Original Firelighters

Australia’s Favourite Firelighter

Specially formulated to give you the quickest and easiest start to your wood fire or charcoal fuelled bbq, Samba Original Firelighters are the classic, favourite go-to for the easy way to light your fire.

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Knowledge Hub

Get the most of every Samba product you use, with a visual feast of step-by-step videos and advice in one smoking spot. You will be simply stoked by the grilling inspiration on offer!

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Gourmet hub

Where there’s smoke, there is flavour. And at the Gourmet Hub, Samba shares their easy-to-follow grilling tips and tricks, so you shine with every barbecue experience.

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Product Hub

At Samba, we are so much more than fire and barbecue. We are passionate in being part of those special moments that you experience and treasure with your family and friends.

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For more than three decades, Samba has worked hard to build an industry-leading reputation, boasting high-quality products for all things fire and barbecue.

From legacy white firelighter to the increasingly popular natural products, our strong range reflects our intuitive process in presenting a fire and barbecue range that the market not only wants but demands.


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Samba News

Never wing it with a smoked chicken wing

As a relatively inexpensive cut, the humble chicken wing doesn’t need to boring or bland. Quite the opposite. Prepared well, a chicken wing can be amplified to a sweet, spicy and smoky sensation. Leading Australian pitmaster and founder of Red Gum BBQ, Martin Goffin and Samba, the experts in fire and barbecue, share their insights in how chicken wings can be promoted from poor chicken cousin to the crispy and tasty star of the show.


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