Are Samba products environmentally friendly?

The composition of both the Samba 32pk and 100pk Natural Firelighters are all-natural ingredients.
Eco Wool Firelighters are a natural blend, made from recycled wood and wax.

Samba Natural BBQ Fuel is made from coconut shell that is carbonised then compressed with an all-natural vegetable binder.

A renewable, carbon-neutral fuel source, Samba Grilling Pellets are 100% natural hickory with no preservatives.

Free from any chemicals, Samba Firelogs are made from natural wood and wax with a vegetable binder.


How to refill my Samba Gas Lighter?

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How to use Samba Chimney Sweep Log?

Suitable for the removal of soot and tar from chimneys and appliances burning wood and coal (open and closed type fireplaces, stoves).
Ensure the Chimney Flue is open. Remove the outer cardboard box, but do not unwrap the log from paper packaging. Place inside a wood or coal stove that is extinguished, but still hot after burning. Ignite both sides of the Chimney Sweep log wrapper and let it burn.


How to use Chimney Sweep Sachets?

Prepare your fire and place the sealed sachet on top. Light the fire to activate the release of gases.